Estoy no bien estudiante de espanol

I think i'm a lost cause. I went to class today (without Denise, because she went for a walk and got lost and overheated and didn't make it home until well after class started) and sat there, worrying a little and feeling like i am no further to making progress than i was five days ago. Day one, i was excited. Day two, was fun. Day three, was..... tedious, Day four was, and today i felt myself mentally tune out, put up a brick wall thats only purpose was to prohibit further learning. Amazing. After FIVE whole days... TEN whole hours of learning Spanish, i am not 100% fluent and am ready to simply give up. If i can't do it perfect i don't even want to try anymore. Yeah.... i've seen this attitude on students faces before. Seen them "check out". Language aquisition has never been my thing. So... I take a deep breathe and focus on the deeper objective here, which is culture, understanding and comfort. Ok, so i'm doing ok with those things. I went alone on the colectivo to class after losing Denise and being left by Tina. I ordered us all breakfast for tomorrow morning. I got us home to the right place by taxi after shopping at the super Che. I spent two amazing hours with students (four times as many than on Wednesday), read with them, taught them a song, laughed with them.... they find my lack of knowledge hilarious and are eager to help me learn. Basic things. Like body parts. I've sweated out buckets of water the past two days, loving the sun, the lack of rain.... but oy, its hot out there. I was so thankful to have a pool to collapse in after the 10 minute walk back from the school. the sun is down and my soul is at peace. Buenos noches!


  1. Do not lose sleep on not learning the language. Maybe you are there to share yourself and what those you meet can learn from you. Have fun, be safe, and brush your teeth. - Mom

  2. It will all come together. The more you use it the more fluent you will get. You need to practice at home too. Its all backwards from what you are used to. It is a great experience no matter what!

  3. Oye Floja, practicar su idioma por mas fluencia. Y dile a Denise que no mas caminando solita en mexico.