Catching a Wave

What a great weekend this has been! We had breakfast Sat at CasaMar and then took a Colectivo to the Mercado and spent hours walking up and down the aisles of the open air shopping market, bartering for handmade crafts, taking pictures and selecting some odd looking fruits and vegitables to try once we got home. We went home with full bags and smiles, changed into suits and headed to la Punta for an afternoon in the sun and surf. We walked down to the rocks, and because it was low tide could navigate under and around them, look in tide pools, get sprayed by random waves smashing against the rocks, and chase the crabs that hid in crevices! We played in the waves, an absolutely exhausting and exhilerating experience. The pull of the waves so strong that they knocked you over quicker than you could stand and it was nearly imposible to walk against the current. We stayed at the point, having coctail de cameron (shrimp) and coctail de pulpo (octopus) for dinner till the sun set.
We woke at 6am this morning and caught a taxi to the school to meet Brian for an adventure in rock climbing. We drove to a small village and walked along the ocean edge until we came to some large rocks. Brian went up and set up lines and we went around. Tina read in the sun and Denise and i bouldered the rocks to the base where we would climb. We skirted with crabs, laughed at the millions of bats that came flying out of the cracks, bled a bit from our knees, and had an amazing time! Climbing was amazing as well and definetely something that we shall have to do again! We had an amazing lunch seaside with Brian before being dropped off at the super che to buy stuff for dinner, heading home and napping till it was time to skype with the family. We cooked at home tonight, and are now in the "community" building watching some australian show called "alice" while it rains buckets outside! The roof above us, made only of wood and what looks like teracata pots cut in half and stacked, is leaking a bit now and the fan is spraying a slight mist over us. Its hard to believe that we have already been here for an entire week!

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