papas agua

Have I mentioned that i know.... NO spanish. Ok, so i know how to say... cuantos, hola and gracias.... I have actually taken Spanish I.... and German I and II. (after not doing so well in German II despite having taken it in Highschool i switched languages) The funny thing is that when i try and think in spanish it gets jumbled with German and ends up being really wierd sounding. I thought about brushing up on my Spanish before coming but then decided that to have a truely authentic out of my comfort level experience that i should be as innocent and language deprived as a typical kindergartener.
Navigating the Airport and customs in Mexico City is interesting when all you can say is Si and Cervesa.
We have arrived in Puerto Escondido and are now moved into our apartment. The humidity is Amazing.... and we lack air conditioning. This apartment reminds me of a hostel that I stayed at in in Australia. It is enclosed, has a great staff and a very communal feel to it. We navigated customs, declarations in Puerto, getting a taxi without being ripped off and are now safe at CasaMar.
We got unpacked and headed out in search of food. We walked down narrow roads with chickens, stray dogs, kids in underwear, stores, and the ocean so very close. We found a place to eat dinner that was under a thatched roof overlooking the beach. Barefoot with our toes in the sand. Tina had enchiladas that were mas caliente. Denise had Tacos that looked like taquitos and i had a burito that looked like a quesadilla. We watched the surfers, the stray dogs, and a horse down in and by the surf. At the very end of the meal came a tremendous downpour and our waiter came and held a large umbrella over our heads while we finished up our meal. We walked along the beach under the deluge of water, crossed where the river ran into the sea, made our way through flooded streets where potatoes floated in the current and found a building that looked abandoned and gutted but contained a nice man eating dinner and a woman who sold us cold cervesas. Its almost 8pm and getting dark. It has been strongly suggested that we not leave our gated complex after dark, so we are settled in for the night and may just go swim in the rain! Buenos Noches!


  1. Awesome awesome awesome! Can't wait to keep up with you!

  2. Great blog and your pictures are fabulous. You are really on an adventure. Say hey to Tina for me!