Out Past Dark

What an EXHAUSTING day!!!! :-)
Denise and i got up and went directly to an hour and a half yoga class that is offered three days a week under a palapa where we are staying. It was nice. Kind of like Hot yoga... but not AS hot. Especially this morning with the early rain and cloud cover. I watched yellow and black birds in palm trees during the warrior pose. Does it get better than that? We decided to walk to our noon Spanish class... along the beach. It took 50 minutes to get there and i was covered in a nice sheen by the time we arrived. I actually found a nice pink shell for my mom and decided i would collect it, photograph it, and put it back.... but.... it was crushed in my pocket before i had a chance. Spanish class was actually fun. Denise and i are in a beginner group with two other students. A man from New Zealand and a man (also a teacher) from Baltimore. Tina is in a higher level class with a kid from LA named danny. In our class we played "eye spy" and in Tina's they played with Barbies. We all have homework and are all going to bed without even thinking about doing it. Teachers are the WORST procrastinators. After class we went down to the strip of beach that is by the school and had a picnic of peanut butter sandwiches and chips.... soaked in sun until the afternoon storm rolled in and caught a cab back home, actually making it home before the first rain drops fell. We were picked up at 5pm for an orientation tour of Puerto Escondido. We now know that there ARE restaurants, that tourism is currently at 1/5 of what it typically is due to the fear of traveling to Mexico, that we are staying in a less touristy part of town, we know where the party strip is, went to the market and ate some grasshoppers, bought some fresh ground coffee and two notebooks for class, visited the different beaches, went to the old tourist area..... and i know i am forgetting tons, but i'm TIRED :-) Maybe i should write in the mornings and not last thing at night! The tour was worth it! We had Brian (tour guide and owner of the language institute) dropped us off at a good restaurant where we ordered margaritas and dinner and watched the sky turn dark. The surf was full of surfers which were fun to watch. A cute seven year old sold us woven bracelets right at our table and sang to us at her mothers prompting. After having told her that we were maestra i think she knew we would give at least a peso for a performance. A cab ride later and we were back at home.
I'm trying very hard to blog each night and to keep track of all our expenses at the end of each evening. We are supposed to collect receipts for everything that we do, tape them into a notebook sequentially, numbered and categorized and then transfer the same to an excel program. The problem here is that no one GIVES reciepts. Numbers are only written down when i stare blankely, not understanding spanish numbers over diez, and random others, and hand over my little notebook and pen. I have a receipt book that i was making my own from, but am already to the point that i think maybe just writing them in the notebook might be good enough. I should email that question on to someone official. Tonight though, i am settling with just the blog and off for a grande siesta!!!!

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  1. Angela - Do the best you can with receipts. Just make sure that you write everything down and keep track as best you can. I know it is challenge. Thank you for putting in this effort to get it right.

    Perrin - Fund for Teachers