Mi hermana

Te presento a Sarah. Ella es mi menor hermana. Ella tiene veite nueve an~os. Ella teinos un hijo. Su nombre es Wesley. El tiene cuatro an~os. Su esposo es Derek. Derek es muy bajo pero E`l es divetido e inteligente. Mi hermana Sara trabaja con animales. Ella trabaja en Tulsa Zoolo`gico. !Yo estoy orgullosa de mi hermana menor!

Now.... to only figure out how to add the characters on TOP of the letters and to turn those punctuation marks upside down.....


  1. I hope you are having a good time. Hurricane Alex hit Tamaulipas, Mexico two days before we got to Padre Island. The waves were very rough there.
    You should try the surfing, but be careful. We boogie boarded.
    Mom made us promise not to go to Mexico. My friends that live on the border won't even go across anymore.
    Have a good time. Now you know some of what I've been trying to tell folks. :)

  2. I am impressed with your learned Spanish. The pictures look wonderful. I wouldn't surf but I am not much of a dare devil.