Coctail de camerones y ceviche!

Boil cooked shrimp in a bit of water for about 5 minutes. Set aside. chop onion and cilantro very fine and mix together. Dice an avacado into small bite size chunks. (add tomatoes if desired, but we did not tonight). Put shrimp into a cup or bowl. Add water from the pot as well. Add a scoop of the cilantro and onion mix, top with a healthy portion of catsup, a dash of olive oil, and a dash of worchishire sauce, a few avacados bits and verde chili if you want it a bit spicey. Sqirt on a bit of lime, and serve with crackers. Eat with good friends and a great chef who speaks no English.

Take a soft white fish, (we used red snapper - which was already headless and gutted when i got my hands on it). Peel the skin off of it, chop off the tail and fillet the sides. Dice it fine and put in a pot. Squeeze the juice from limes until well saturated covering the fish with the acidic juice. Put a lid on it and prepare the other ingredients. Dice onion, tomatoe, parsely and pickled jalepenos (with seeds removed) - including some of the carrots in the relish. Let the fish "cook" in the lime juice for 15 minutes (or longer if a "harder" fish) and then drain the majority of the juice off and discard. Stir in the tomato, onion, parsley and jalepeno, and serve with crackers. And.... its GOOD!!!
Follow this meal with conversations with your hostesses, who laugh at what you say as you hope you haven't said anything.... rude or crude on accident!

Tonights cooking lesson was even better than the first! My comfort level was up, and while i obviously haven't become fluent in the last few days..... i was less afraid to try, make mistakes, and be laughed with.

Stay tuned, next week we learn Mole'

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  1. I thought it was tabouli.. That sounds good, can you use tuna? Maybe you can demonstrate this in class. I think the kids would love all the different textures...LOL Anyway, I'm glad you are sounding better, not as bummed!