And then there was Sabado

We took a taxi to a beach that was located down a little less than 200 steep stone stairs. Sheltered from some of the larger waves, we were told it is a great place to learn to surf and to snorkle. Denise was recovering from being sick the day before and relaxation in the sun (and shade) was called for! I sat on the rocks in the picture for a long time watching the water roll in, sometimes splashing me, and other times staying a good 8 feet below where i was seated. I sat so still that i tricked the crabs into thinking i WAS a rock and they came up tentively to explore. I finally stopped twitching enough that a small one crawled up on my big toe and was using his little pinchers to try and eat my skin. It made me laugh, and he was small enough that it was cute until he moved to the toe next door which was a bit more tender and i had to twitch him back off. i snorkled out to where some diving rings were set a bit off shore and was going to share the landing until i was close enough to see that the divers WERE divers, but were also spear fishing for dinner, so i snorkled around some big rocks watching little florescent blue fish and yellow tailed fish swim in and out until i was exhausted from fighting the current! We had some excellent food, some brilliant sun, lots of time to read, and some great conversation with locals that i will talk about some other post.
I spent Sat night sick while the rest of the world slept and spent all of Sunday sleeping. Monday i was still exhausted but managed to make it sea side to nap, read, and finally eat something when i got back home.

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