Puerto Escondido

This is Puerto Escondido. Both our school and the Apartment that we are staying at are on the sea side of the coastal highway. Said to be about a 20 minute walk on the beach from one to the other..... and a trip i was told, that we will NOT want to take during the heat of the day. We want to look into bicycle rental, but i imagine that we will often end up taking the public bus for about 30 pesos.

One of the things that i am most looking foward to is shopping in the local market! I intend to find clothing there to wear, food to buy as i learn to make authentic meals, and find some amazing photo oportunities too!!! I have heard mixed rumors regarding the safety of the fresh fruits and veggies, poultry and fish, and Tina and Denise are totally against my purchasing live chickens...... but i do plan on seaking out fishing boats as they come in for the day and getting fresh catch right off them! I suppose i need to add fishing knife to my ever growing list of things to purchase before i go!!!

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